Esteemed participants,


    Its with great pleasure that I welcome you all to second annual session of Marmara College Model UnitedNation Conference as Secretary General.

Our generation enjoys unprecedented technological, scientific, and financial resources; which we should use to chart a course towards a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future. Yet perhaps this is the first generation to take the world to the brick of a systematical breakdown. Still, there are many signs of progress and many reasons for hope, which is where United Nations takes a significant place. 

    Humanity has become remarkably adept at understanding how to mitigate conventional risks, solve multilateral interconnected issues, and conclude colossal crises.

      As long as there is unprecedented freedom and substantial growth there will be a dire need for highly intelligent, experienced, and enthusiastic diplomats to carry this prodigious, massive burden. These people should be ready so when the risks and crises ensue; can act in an agile and appropriate fashion. As an activist and enthusiast, I believe there is no better alternative, to start or better yet set a strong foundation for such intellectuals, than Model United Nations. 

      Although this is probably the most important value MUN advocates, its most definitely not the only one. Participants will improve their critical thinking, public speaking, and most remarkably their confidence. Which thereby can change the world around them the way they see best fit to. As an Iranian undergraduate in Turkey I’ve experienced significant advancements in my life through skills I developed in Model United Nations conferences. Having been a typical student almost up to my sophomore year at high school, in which I migrated to Turkey; having no knowledge of Turkish, Model United Nation became my breakthrough. Despite all the boredom and exhaustion, I suddenly found a doorway to become the individual I had always dreamed myself to be. 

      Its only with great excitement that I note that we are committed to providing you, esteemed participants, with a life changing experience. An experience that will help you improve your public speaking, debating, analytical thinking and other essential skills.

       To conclude I would like to express my utmost gratitude towards highly respect individuals that I am lucky to call my team; Mr. Usame Kiyak, Mr. Altay Ozkut, and Mr. Emir Ergenekon who will be serving you as Deputy Secretaries General. And to our dear Director General Mrs. Ceren Ozselanik and her deputy Mr. Deniz Ozgultekin.

            Best Regards,


            Massih Bayat