Crisis Cabinet

Iran's complex and unusual political system combines elements of a modern Islamic theocracy with democracy. A network of elected and unelected institutions influences each other in the government's power structure. This committee will be consisting of the president of Iran and his cabinet. Delegates in this committee must also take the political structure of the power system into account while structuring their plans since the parliament and religious body including the religious leader Mr. Khamenei must evaluate their action. This fact alone brings a new dynamic to the committee, which hasn’t been done before and thereby open doors for quite innovative opportunities. This committee is also intended to have a certain level of involvement in the Security Council in MEKMUN'20 as well, taking to account that the agenda item for UNSC is a contemporary action against Iran.


Mr. Hasan Rouhani born on November 1948 was elected as president 3th August 2013. In his presidency he has faced colossal issues ranging from US sanctions and economic crisis to the nuclear stand-off with world powers and civil policy deficiencies. Delegates in this committee will be addressing major issues that Mr. Rouhani’s government is facing today.

Agenda Item

Rouhani Cabinet